Erin Jernigan is a supply chain executive with over 20 years of logistics and transportation technology experience. She began working at her first 3PL fresh out of college and immediately fell in love with the manufacturing and transportation sector. A co-founder of Victory Supply Chain Services (VSCS), Erin has always been driven by the challenge of solving problems for her clients and this passion fuels her desire to continue to stay at the cutting edge of this industry.

In addition to experience in all sectors within freight brokerage, including international shipping, Erin has a specialty knowledge in rail and intermodal. She enjoys putting her operational knowhow and rich experience of leveraging state-of- the-art technology, to help her clients meet their deadlines and keep their promises day in and day out. Erin finds working with clients who are excited to grow and scale their business particularly fulfilling.

As Erin strives to be the best in the business, she is also dedicated to helping others learn and excel in this vital Industry.


Phil Kramer has transportation and logistics in his blood. As a 3rd generation leader in supply chain-related businesses, Phil follows in the steps of others who have taken great pride in helping their customers improve their business performance. As you might expect, Phil has held every position, from the bottom up in the warehousing, distribution and transportation fields.


He is now recognized as one of the leaders in his field and regularly consults on strategic logistic and supply chain initiatives.

Phil managed multiple companies including Cardinal Health and e-Consortium before co-founding and acting as President for Victory Supply Chain Services (VSCS).

Phil’s in-depth knowledge of supply chain across many verticals has paved the way for the success and diversity of engagement that VSCS has enjoyed over the years. Understanding the customers innerworkings and talking their language is one of Phil’s key skills. Helping them create holistic and comprehensive supply-chain strategies and then putting those plans to execution is what puts a smile on his face.

Creating win-win solutions every day for supply chains of every size.

Victory Supply Chain Services was born in 2009 when founders Erin and Phil met while working on a project with a mutual client. The two recognized a shared philosophy that a healthy supply chain requires integration, regardless of size. They realized together that small to mid-sized manufacturers, distributors, and retailers weren’t getting the education, technology, leverage, or strategy development they needed for an overall “healthy supply chain.” 

These organizations deserve a supply chain that allows them to compete both with their larger counterparts and on a global scale. Only larger organizations seemed to be benefiting from 4PL strategy and oversight services, while companies who may not regularly be exposed to these offerings were missing out on efficiencies and savings. Phil and Erin envisioned bringing this same well-coordinated and streamlined approach to all manufacturers, regardless of size.

Victory Supply Chain Services was started to bring new innovative solutions and strategies to organizations that could directly benefit from an integrated supply chain. Introducing this proven philosophy to companies that have not had previous exposure remains the company’s primary motivation.

Strategy, strategy,

Too many organizations’ supply chains were created without a comprehensive strategy. Because strategic planning guides businesses to better performance and long-term success, Victory wanted to educate clients on the options most third-party providers do not make available.

Many companies don’t have the resources or in-house expertise to create robust solutions to their supply chain, which are necessary to grow and scale any business. Victory Supply Chain Services remains constant in reminding growing organizations that outsourcing logistics, does NOT mean giving up control of the supply chain. Outsourcing logistics means gaining visibility and control through leverage and, you guessed it, strategy. 

Today, Victory’s client list ranges from small to large companies from a variety of industry verticals. Victory Supply Chain Services is a 4PL with the experience and relationships that equip them to offer a nimble and dedicated approach to the supply chain re-engineering process.

Victory Supply Services provides unparalleled expertise in supply chain optimization and logistics. Our experience as a 4PL allows us to offer custom solutions for comprehensive supply chain management. 


Email: info@victoryscs.com

Phone: 833-4VICTRY (833-484-2879)

Location: King of Prussia, PA

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