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Phil Kramer 
CEO & Founder

Phil Kramer has transportation and logistics in his blood. As a third-generation leader in supply chain-related businesses, Phil follows in the steps of others who have taken great pride in helping their customers improve their business performance. As you might expect, Phil has held every position, from the bottom up in the warehousing, distribution and transportation fields.


He is now recognized as one of the leaders in his field and regularly consults on strategic logistic and supply chain initiatives.

Phil managed multiple companies including Cardinal Health and e-Consortium before co-founding and acting as president for Victory Supply Chain Services (VSCS).

Phil’s in-depth knowledge of supply chain across many verticals has paved the way for the success and diversity of engagement that VSCS has enjoyed over the years. Understanding customers’ inner workings and talking their language is one of Phil’s key skills. Helping them create holistic and comprehensive supply-chain strategies and then execute them is what puts a smile on his face.

We Empower YOU to Build a Better Supply Chain

Here’s the problem: Many organizations have a supply chain that was built without a clear strategy. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers lack the education, technology, and leverage to keep their supply chains healthy. Small- to mid-sized organizations don’t have the same access to 4PL strategy and oversight as the big guys. 


The solution? A value-driven 4PL that provides no-cost supply chain options and empowers businesses of all sizes to compete on the global scale. Enter Victory Supply Chain Services. 

No Cost, No Strings

Keep looking for an asterisk—you won’t find one. What we provide is a free service created to give you a range of options. We might beat or leverage your current suppliers’ rates, but that’s not our only goal. 


If you feel empowered to make supply chain decisions that grow your business—without having to implement the strategy on your own—we’ve done our job. 

How It Started

In 2009, founders Erin Jernigan and Phil Kramer met while working on a project with a mutual client. They recognized a shared philosophy: A healthy supply chain requires integration, regardless of size. Erin and Phil envisioned bringing the same well-coordinated and streamlined approach to all manufacturers. 

Our Mutual Value Promise

We believe in doing good business with good people. Because of our success in establishing and maintaining great relationships with our clients, we found that both businesses—ours and theirs—have benefitted from more than just cost reduction and process optimization. 


Our clients have reaped benefits from our advice, connections, and strategic planning that have helped them find additional success in their professional and personal lives. This is because we truly care about the individuals we work with and get to know them on a level that goes beyond ‘just doing business.’ 


When a relationship is founded on mutual trust, everyone benefits. 

What is a 4PL?

Accenture coined the term ‘Fourth-Party Logistics Provider (4PL) back in 1996 as ‘A supply chain integrator that assembles and manages the resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization with those of complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution.”


How does a 4PL differ from a 3PL? In the 3PL model, the manufacturer retains oversight of the supply chain and outsources logistics operations. The 4PL does it all!

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

Victory can provide the best possible solutions for pricing and moving your product—and you don’t have to lift a finger. Contact us today!

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