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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Logistics Partnership?

Have you taken the time lately to assess the give and take in your partnership with your logistics provider? While many companies have initial success with their outsourced provider, the collaboration between the provider and the company’s multiple internal organizations may become stagnant or not exist at all. 

You probably sought out your current outsourced logistics provider to cut costs, but the benefits run deeper than the dollars your organization can save. Potential opportunities range from strategy building and technology implementation to mentoring, education, and access to real-time information.

Every department within your organization can be positively impacted on a regular basis by a successful logistics partnership. In our free eBook, How to Get the Most Out of your Outsourced Logistics Partnership, Victory breaks down why an inter-departmental approach to your company’s logistics matters in all aspects of your business. We’ll dig into how your outsourced logistics provider should be coordinating with every department to assess and address solutions and distribute them throughout the rest of the organization. 

We take a look at how your logistics partnership should benefit:

  • Upper Management - how data empowers decision making

  • Sales - mitigate and minimize customer complaints

  • Procurement - full visibility during the shipment life cycle

  • IT - tools that create efficiency and accuracy

  • Finance - how to mediate chargeback penalties

  • Customer Service - access allows immediate troubleshooting

  • Warehouse & Dock - real-time full dock accountability 

This eBook will also deliver insights on how all of your organization’s individual team members can work together to optimize your supply chain, such as being able to have quick access to one single point of contact within your logistics provider.

Lastly, we’ll help you determine what level of oversight your supply chain actually needs. Access and education are key to empowering you to not only determine what type of partnership is best, but also how to access that information and understand how you can leverage it to positively impact your growing business. 

Download our FREE eBook How to Get the Most Out of your Outsourced Logistics Partnership below, and contact an expert at Victory Supply Chain Services to learn more about how a valuable outsourced logistics partnership can grow with your organization.


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